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The Complete Truth About Penis Enlargement Products and Methods

Are you Thinking of Enlarging Your Penis?

Penis enlargement is a multi million dollar industry that has a wide range of products to offer including pills, patches, extenders or traction devices, exercises programs, pumps, weight and the most extreme measure- Surgery, but what remains a cause of concern is that mojority of these products can be dangerous for you.

As such it is extremely important that you know what you are buying so that you do not end up causing damage to your penile or erectile tissue.

Though there are many marketeers who will make you believe that your penis is really short, it is for you to determine whether you are satisfied with your penis size or not and and if you think you would do better with a few extra inches, it is essential that you get the most correct information about the safe and natural methods of penis enlargement that really work.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Really Work

Penis enlargement is a very sensitive issue and you must not take an impulsive decision while deciding on a particular product. More importantly, you must get as much information about the various male enhancement products as possible so that you can take a well informed decision and no marketeer can con you into buying something that can be potentially dangerous for your manhood.

There are a couple of excellent techniques for increasing penis size which are not only clinically validated but also have a proven track record of helping thousands of men improve their sex life by increasing their penis length and girth and overcoming other sexual problems while ensuring better blood circulation to the genitals resulting in firmer and longer lasting erections.

Some of these methods have been reviewed below:

 Major Enlargement Techniques with Proven track records

Most Powerful and All Natural Male Enhancement System in more than 7 Years!- Male Extra


It is a revolutionary formula that has completely changed male enhancement scenario. It is a pure mix of all natural ingredients that not only boost blood circulation and increase testosterone production to ensure erections as hard as Steel but also give you the stamina to last all night and ejaculate with immense strength so that you can enjoy intense orgasms.

What makes MaleExtra distinct and unique is that it is the only male enhancement pill system that comes with  POMEGRANATE 70% ELLAGIC which is a 100% natural but expensive ingredient and provide very fast results. It is being called the Natural Viagra. Other ingredients include L-arginine, Muira Pauma, Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium Sagittatum, Tongat Ali, Flaxseed, Maca, Omega 3 Fatty Acids etc.,

Each pill of MaleExtra is packed with 1500mg of highly potent ingredients which makes it 3 times more effective as compared to other pills

Not only this, it comes with free access to Penis Health exercise guide which has helped thousands of men gain up to 3 inches in penis length as well as girth  naturally. Whether you want to enlarge your penis or just want to improve rigidity of your erections and improve your staying power, Male Extra is something you cannnot afford to miss.

It is a very powerful yet completely safe formula that does not have any side effects.

Penis Enlargement PillsPenis Enlargement Pills are perhaps the most commonly advertised male enhancement products. Though there are various alternatives, most men prefer herbal and natural supplements that can give a thrust to blood circulation to the penis resulting in larger and thicker erections. Review the safest and best penis enlargement pills in this section.

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Prosolution Pills and VigRx Plus are the two top selling male enahncement pills because of their effectiveness and clincial backing. Review them here and compare them in terms of effectiveness, quality, price and bonuses. Read More......

Cheap Penis Enhancement Pills Packages In these hard economic times Prosolution Pills can offer you a complete package of male enhancement combining natural pills with exercises. You can save a whopping $558 on the yearly supply of these pills. Moreover, you get free access to For Men Only penis exercise manual, free box of Volume Pills to enhance your semen production and a host of other benefits at just $338.95. The cost of monthly supply is as low as $32( This is a far lower price as compared to VigRx Plus which can cost you upto $490 for an year's supply) with free shipping to anywhere in the world. Moreover, all supplies are backed with a complete money back guarantee for 180 days.


Penis Traction DevicesPenis Traction Devices have gained a lot of popularity because of ease of use and their effectiveness in growing penis and correcting penile cuvature. These traction dveices work on the same principle as penis exercises called Jelqs but are a great method of regulating and controlling pressure while performing jelqs. In this section review the most acclaimed and clinically approved penis tracttion devices.

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Sizegenetics and Proextender are the two most common and top selling penis traction devices. However, Sizegenetics is a complete package combining a clinically approved penis extender and free membership to Penis Helath exercise program so that you can get the dual benefit and enhance your penis growth so as to achieve noticeable gains within a relatively shirter period of time.

Moreover, this device is clinically approved and recommended by doctors. Not only this, it has also featured on BBC, GQ Health Magazine and Men's Health. Furthermore, it is the onlly penis extrabeder that comes fitted with a rubber padded comfort strap in place of the regular silicone noose strap other devices come with which makes wearing it far more comfortable. Moreover, this device comes with a complete 180 days money back guarantee.

There is no other device that matches up to Sizegenetics in terms of effectiveness and money value.

Penis Enlargement Patches

Penis Enlargement Patches are one of the most effective male enhancement products. There are many a men who have been able to add up to 3 inches to their penises with this Transdermal technology where herbs are absorbed directly into the bloodstream rather then taking them orally like pills.

This makes them even more potent and efficient as compared to pills since ulike pills the ingredients of patches do not have to go through your stomach to reach the bloodstream.

Patches such as Proenhance are also completely natural and are formulated with herbal extracts and do not have any negative side effects. Moreover, Proenahnce comes with free access to For Men Only penis exercise guide to provide you with all that you need to enlarge your penis and improve your sexual performance safely and naturally

Also review the Top male enhancement gels and exercise programs which have won wide acclaim as the most preferred methods of penis enhancement.


Prosolution Gel is an amazing formula to help you achieve your sexual prime by ensuring rock hard erections under all circumstances. It helps you get hard even if you have been drinking and want a little help getting hard or you are nervous and anxious about your performance with someone new or even if you have occasional erection problems. Prosolution Gel is based upon Transdermal techniology and works instantly to help you achieve harder, firmer and longer lasting erections.

Following is a small shortlist of essential features that can help you choose a product wisely:
  • Clincial and Scientific validation or approval- Do not ever buy a product that is not credited with a clinical study. There some amazing pills and devices that have withstood repeated trials and tests. These are the products that ensure safe and natural enlargement without causing any sort of side effects.
  • Doctor's Approval is a must. Make sure the doctor endorsing a product is at least an M.D.
  • Check out the Ingredients in case of pills and patches so that you are aware of what they are made of. Make sure they do not contain Yohimbe extracts which has been banned by FDA since it can increase your blood pressure and interfere with heart rate.
  • Good Customer Support is also extremely improtant so that you have assistance at hand in case you need some help. This is specially true in case of traction devices and exercises programs. Good products come with excluve access to member's forums wherein you can pick up some highly beneficial tips and tricks form the more experienced members.
  • Guarantee- Make sure the product you buy is backed with a complete money back guarantee. High quality products are backed with an at least 6 months guarantee so that you have nothing to lose.
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